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  The Man, the mission and the ministry: Pastor Abraham became born again as a christian in the late 70’s and full of passion for winning soul for Christ. Pastor Abraham is a qualified banker by profession prior to answering the call of God to  full time ministry in the 80’s.  
  Pastor Abraham function in the five hold ministry as an evangelist, teacher, prophet, apostle and pastor. He has travelled to many parts of the world to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  He is married to his wife Sarah and blessed with three children.
Pastor Abraham by the grace of God pioneered PGIC, Hayward California in 1998 a sister  branch of PGIC (Headquarter) -  London.


Pastor Abraham Oshuntola


Pastor Sarah Oshuntola


  Pastor Sarah became born again as a christian in the early 80's. She  is a chemist and a science teacher by profession. She pastors along with her husband and most of the time she find herself combining the role of a mother, pastor and a  teacher. It takes the special grace of God upon her to function effectively in these roles.  Pastor Sarah teaches the word of God fluently with passion. She is a wonderful role model to women and encourages women to live a Godly life like Sarah of old.

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